Where Driving Passion Meets Artistic Precision

In a time when conversations are increasingly dominated by electric drivetrains and autonomous capabilities, we at Steel Affairs assert that cars are more than just tools for transportation. They are transformative objects that offer something elemental and life-affirming—something that ignites the senses and the soul. That’s why we exist. Led by Larry Winkler, a bona fide aficionado with an extensive and well-considered collection, we’re here to celebrate the sheer joy of driving in its most authentic form.

Endorsed by industry veterans like Barrett-Jackson Chairman and CEO Craig Jackson, our collection spans a range from stunning Resto-Mods to modern supercars. Larry Winkler’s devotion to engineering ingenuity, aesthetic design, and the love of driving unifies our diverse lineup. Each vehicle in our collection has unique features—varying engine types, transmission systems, and drive modes—but all share the common denominator of being meticulously built for driving pleasure.

Engineered by top-tier professionals and fine-tuned by expert drivers, our vehicles represent the zenith of driving exhilaration across multiple manufacturers.

Beyond mere performance metrics, we understand that driving is also an art form, exemplified by masterpieces. Our commitment to honoring automotive heritage doesn’t stop there; it extends to iconic vintage models like the 1973 Porsche 911E and its custom sister, the “Slinger 911,” each echoing the timeless allure of classic design infused with modern restorations.

Steel Affairs offers a multi-dimensional experience that fully embraces the expansive landscape of car collecting. Dive into our gallery for a preliminary glimpse into the kind of artistry and engineering that awaits you at Steel Affairs.